Festival Titles

Semi-Permanent 2013 – By Danny Yount 

The purpose of this moving image sequences is to get people interested in this festival and make them want to attend it. The motion graphics have been used to make a visual statement that is interesting and intriguing to the viewer. The graphics in this are very artist, edgy and cool looking to highlight what the festival is about and what audience it wants to reach. The animation style of this is very quick and moves on to the next thing fast. The use of symmetry is visually interesting and works well with what type of festival it is.  As a festival title it works very well, this is because it shows information without showing to much at one time and making you skim past it. The video also goes well on its own and with the text. It is also very interesting and grabs your attention which is what a festival title should do.

A Design Film Festival – Sebastian Lange

The purpose of this video is to get people to go to this festival. In this video Text is really important as videos and pictures are shown inside the text. In this video the design has made the text look 3d by pushing some text to the back and some forward and move it so it looks like your going behind and passing some. The video is very well made and has smooth transitions between each scene. The animation is quite quick and moves along to the next bit quickly. The relationship between the video and text is very good and clean the videos and images stay inside the text at all time. All these things together make a good festival title and is very interning but i feel there was to much going on and it isn’t as well executed as the Semi-Permanent festival title.



Bet 365

The point of a advert is to deliver a product to the public in less than a minute. This way they have to put loads of information in a short amount of time which is sometimes to much and you end up not listening at all. This advert is for Bet365 which is a online gambling company. The graphics used in this is they have to words and number floating in the air and spin round fast, sometimes the words come up like someone is typing them as well. They have filmed this on a green screen for the background and then they can easily put numbers floating round him in a software.The animation style of the graphics is fast and smooth and does never stutter or stop. In my opinion they have done a good job of balancing all the information and selling themselves and creating a good balance so you’re not overwhelmed with information and graphics.


This is a advert for the MG3 car. There is a lot of motion graphics and animation in this advert that all blends together nicely. They have used a lot of colour in there animations to go with the colours of the car which draws your attention because its so bright. The graphics and animations move quick and smooth. They have layers the graphics and animation so each scene is like a moving collage. The advert itself is good but because it moves so fast you can’t really take everything in and look at all the bits going on. They do keep the car in the middle though which keeps your attention on it throughout. There is a nice balance between the graphics and video and they interacted well together. As a whole this is a good advert and the quietest bit is at the end where its just the price and car on screen which is a good marking and graphic decision.

Music Videos

安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

The purpose of a music video is to illustrate the audio and give a visual element to go with the song, it also has to entertain the person watching it. The motion graphics have been used so the fewer has a interactive experience with the music video. They have done this by giving you instructions and putting there motion graphics and animation around it. The graphic style is very modern and colourful, its also a fun video and is bright and uses pastel colours throughout. The animations are very smooth and quick and have nice transitions between them and they have also incorporated some of the lyrics into the music video putting it in the right places as t not overwhelm us with text. The song and the video go well together and its a very interesting concept of having the music video interacted with the audience.

The Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul

This is the musk video for the song “Plundered My Soul” by The Rolling Stones. The point of a music video is to add a visual element to go with the song. They are also created of the viewers entertainment and to add to the brand the artist has. The motion graphics have been used here to grab the viewers attention and to illustrate the audio. The style they have used is vintage as they have all these old clips on what look like polaroid pictures. this combined with the red writing on top gives it and the song give off a old roc and roll feel to it. The videos are disjointed and move a lot but the way they have animated it so it looks like your are moving round is very smooth and slows down at the end instead of just coming to a stop, which gives it a humanistic feel. The video and graphics have been combined well and work as whole. The animated text goes across the video nicely and moves a bit to give it life like the video behind it.

Film VFX

Scott Pilgram vs The World

This is the trailer for the film “Scott Pilgram vs The World”. The purpose of this trailer is to attract audience members to want to watch the film. A trailer also shows what genre the film is and show a summary of what happens in the film. The motion graphics have been used here to show what type of film this is. The motion graphics in this create onomatopoeias. The graphic style is like a comic book and graphic novel, this is shown by when theres a knock on the door and the words “knock” appear or in the fight scenes when the words pop up. These motion graphics with the scenes they picked out show the film is going to be aimed at teens and its going to be a funny, unrealistic  film.


This is a trailer for the film Oblivion. There is a lot of special and digital effects, this is because it is set in a futuristic society where they drive these flying vehicles that have all these digital imposed graphics on them. This film is mostly made up of green screens and adding stuff into the film once scenes are finished being filmed.  These things make the impossible possible and are able to make things we see in are head come alive. Some things are hard to film like phone screens and TV screens so these are edited in afterwards as well. Without these being digital imposed in afterwards there would be no way to make physical things that worked and could be filmed correctly. In all these are noticeable as it makes up the entire movie but as they are so well done and clean and move smoothly they add this whole new world to the film. All of these including sound track made a really good futuristic film.

TV Idents

Spike :

This is a TV ident for the channel Spike. Spikes audience is mostly male, and play they play a mix of different TV shows and movies throughout the day targeted mostly to males but also have female viewers. Through the ident they are showing what type of genre they are and are branding themselves as a channel. The motion graphics is really smooth and when the man and women jump it blends nicely into this bird flying, this is done through a mask and different layers. A really good pice of motion graphics is at the end when the word “spike” comes up and its cut in half, this is really interesting and is really modern and smooth. The colours in this are actually quiet boring and there is a lot of empty space but this just draws the attention to the word “spike” at the end. All together I think its a bad ident i don’t really no what type of audience they are targeting towards or what shows they play, but at the same time its really interesting and well done.


This is a ident for the channel Citv. This is a children’s channel and there audience is both male and female. The use of animation and graphics in this is really good and really well done. Although its a 2D animation it has life and depth as characters go behind and in front of the letters. This ident shows me what type of channel it is and who there target audience is, which is what the channel ident should do. The graphics and animation keep this childish look all the way through which is really nice and on brand. It is very clean and the graphics move together nicely and interact well. As a whole i think this is a really well done ident that does all the thing a ident should do unlike “spike”.

TV Titles Sequences

Blue Bloods

This is the opening to the tv show Blue Bloods. Motion graphics have been used here to introduce the characters and the actors who play them and to show clips from the show to show what genre and what type of tv show it is. In this they have lowered the opacity on the people to show the city behind them. I think this could of been done better and more artistic with better shots of the city and a better transition from the face to the background. I thing they have done really well is at the end when some of the building turn around and spell out “Blue Bloods” this is a really smooth transition and looks really good combined with it being upside down. Altogether the motion graphics and the sound make a really good title sequence that gives the information needed and a good feel of what the show is.


This is a title sequence for the tv show “Preacher”.  The purpose of a title sequence is to show characters and the actors who play them and to show bit of what the show is about. Many effects have been used in this title sequences such as masks. These are where the scene changes to words with the picture or video inside the letters. This is a good effect and is used well here. Also at the end its like paper is burning then you there is another scene this is a good transition and is made better with the words being on fire as well. The way this title sequence is done theres no smooth transitions its like you blink then the words are there, which sometimes doesn’t look that good and makes it look like it was made quickly. Altogether though it is a good title sequences and does it job well,  and is combined well with the graphics and video.

Film Title Sequences

Iron man 

This is a title sequence for the film Iron Man. The purpose of a title sequence is to show the actors and directors and other people who helped make the movie. In this title sequence we get a 3d plan of what the iron man suit looks and works like, inside and out. It like they have just animated the design plan for the suit and put text around it. The style is like retro modern like the film “Tron” and is really affected it clearly shows the names while not making it boring but interesting and interacted almost. There is also the element of old video games text when it shows us the names like the theme of “Tron”. The transitions and animated parts are really smooth and quick and slow down when the camera is done tanning giving it a this human, real life effect. The graphics and video are blended together nicely and looks like it should be apart of it. I think this achieved exactly  what it wanted to and done it really well and high quality.


This one took a different approach to its title sequence as its a completely different film to Iron man, with this they used video and put motion graphics over the top of it. I find the title sequence really interning and think it fits the film perfectly. The style is quiet messy and gothic almost with the writing being messy and getting distorted and disjointed, which gives simple names a life to them. This video jumps about and keeps having an effect which turns the video red which makes it have this horror feel to it so the way they included this with the text is really interning and good to look at. They both belong together and work well individually as well. These factors together make a really interning title sequence and is really successful.