Final Evaluation

photoshop drawing1.jpg

This is my final piece for unit 86. The theme for this project was “complexity”. For this project I wanted to create a illustrative piece. I choose to do this because I previously created a illustrative piece of work and I enjoyed the process. I also want to better myself on illustrator and photoshop. A new thing I learned during this process was how to use a wacom tablet. I have never used one before so I learnt through youtube tutorials and blogs. This method of using a tablet is how I created most of the piece of work.

You can see how my research has effected and influenced my work. you can see looking at my work artists like Smithe and Ian Jepson have heavily influenced my finally piece. I took their styles and combined the two into a style that fitted my own. What really helped me in this project was the experiments, because I had never used a wacom tablet before these gave me a chance to get comfortable with it and use it confidently. When researching the brain I was able to gave a greater understanding than I did before. The more research I done the more I realised that I made the right decision in making a illustrate piece about the brain because it is one of the most complicated structures in our universe.

I am happy with how my final piece turned out. Firstly I am happy with how I approached the theme of complexity and how I was able to visually communicate this through my work. Through research I came up with a visual style that I think suited the work the best. You can see this through my mark making and how I applied shadows. I like the colour scheme and I have thought about what colours should go where. I made the choice not to use black and white to go with the saying  “the world isn’t black and white” to go with the theme of how everything is more complex than we think.

Some things I would change about my piece of work is I would add more detail to the metal boxes and add more wires and buttons to show more this interoperation of how are brains are these complex mechanical machines. I would also try and add highlights to some bits of the work by using the yellow or the peach colours.

Over all I am really happy with my final piece and think I have approach the theme in a unique way. I am happy with all the creative decisions I made. I am also glad that through this project I now have a better understanding on how to create pieces of work in photoshop and illustrator, and that through this I can now use a drawing tablet and use them well and effectively.

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