Work Direction

I have already previously decided that I was doing an illustrative piece of work. With the theme being complex I wanted to do a complex ideas rather than a complex piece of work. When I was fist getting ideas down I was more drawn to the human body and what complex creatures we are. Specifically I wanted to look at the brain. I wanted to look at how the brain works and what different parts of the brain do. I also think it would be interesting to do a piece on the conscience because its something we all have yet it varies to different extremes in each individual.

The artist Smithe has already done a variation of my idea in his work so I will have to make sure that while a take some techniques that he uses that are works look completely different.

For the look of my piece I don’t want to use to many colours as i think it wouldn’t look good with the detail i want to put into the drawing. I want the black to create the finer details like what they do in comic books.

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