Assignment Brief 

The brain is Earths most complex biological structure. There is still much about the brain that we have yet to understand. The brain controls all functions of our body and mind. The complexity of the brain is not just on a biological and structural level, however, it is also the multi-layered personalities and nuances that makes us individuals. The brain is composed of three parts, the brain stem, cerebellum and cerebrum. We receive information through are 5 senses sight, smell, touch,taste and sound. Are minds are also separated into 3 different parts conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. People have compared the brain to a machine as each part has a specific job.

I want to use this idea of complexity in the brain to expand my conceptual design and illustrative skills by producing a large format piece of work. I want to create a illustrative poster that showcases how complex are brains are. Throughout experiments and other illustrative projects the final piece of work must only have a maximum of 5 colours (not including a background colour if needed). The piece must also be suitable for online and print

My poster is going to be seen by the general public on the street and online so it has to be suitable for all ages and have no gender target.


Some things to consider are that because the poster is made for print so the resolution will have to be at 300 dpi. I also must use all my own imagery when drawing. Another thing to consider is the maximum of 5 colours and how is best to use them.

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