Experiment 2

Copying style of a artist

I found this artist called Ian Jepson while researching. I really like this type of illustration, as it looks more like a painting than something very digital. I like the marks he makes and how he adds shadows and highlights with them marks. With this experiment I am attempting to copy his style of work. I did my last experiment in photoshop so this time I am going to work in Illustrator.


I found this video of how Jepson creates his work. This helped a lot as I seen how he goes from sketching to putting the final details in.



The first thing I done was use the wacom tablet to sketch out the face. I wanted to try and create an illustrator without it though and learn another method. So I used the pen tool and the curvature tool to create this piece. First I just done basic outlines of each part of the sketch (hat/hair/face).


I went in and added some shadows on the hat to form the shape of it. I done this by using the curvature tool and just creating shapes with it and then going in and editing them to make them look like shadows. I then done the same thing with the letters. I then copied and pasted and changed it to a yellow colour with the black text acting as the shadow. I was also looking at some pop art images and at Jepson work I added a blue shape to the hair. I then added points onto the shape and made curves and points with them.


I didn’t really have an idea for the face and since this is an experiment and is not my final piece i just added sunglasses to the image. I done this by using the shape tool for the glass. For the light reflection I used the curvature tool again and added points to create the curves.


This is what the image turned out like at the end of the experiment. In this experiment I grew a greater understanding of illustrator and how to use the tools on it. For my next experiment I am going to learn how to add details just like Jepson does in his work.


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