Experiment 1

Experiment 1

I have never used a Wacom tablet before this project so I wanted to get a clear idea of how the tablet works. I watched this beginners video on the tablet just to get more of a understanding on the controls of the tablet and pen.

Tracing an image

This was my first go at tracing a drawing I had done. I was still getting use to the pen and how to draw on the tablet. I didn’t use the “pressure” feature as I was confident enough with the tablet. I am happy with how my first attempt turned out but it could be better. Some of the lines are shaky but I could tell I was getting better at handing the pen as i went along. The one brush size doesn’t give the drawing any character or depth to it and it looks boring.

octo plain

This video was about creating a brush with pen pressure in Adobe Illustrator. After watching this video I was able to create my own brush and this helped me a lot with how my drawing turned out.

octo brush

With this brush I was able to create thicker and smaller lines, this gave the drawing more character and is visually better than my first attempted. I was also able to create some shadows with the brush on the tentacles. I also use the rubber to create smoother lines. This helped when I was making some of the bigger lines for the shadows.

octo step 1


As this was my first experiment I just wanted to learn how to do a basic solid colour with a brush tool. It showed me how to work with different layers and how to stay in the lines with the tablet. She showed me its okay to be messy and that you go in and clean everything up and edit things later.
octo step 2



This video showed me how to colour like the other video, but it also showed me a technique if I wanted to add some shadows into the colour. It showed that I add another layer on top of the coloured layer, set it to multiply and it will give you the colour but darker so you don’t have to go through and look for the right match. This is what the octopus when i shaded some parts on it. It does give the drawing more depth to it and is a good easy and quick trick to shading.

octo step 2shade.jpg

This experiment has gave me the basic knowledge on how to use and Wacom tablet and pen. In this experiment I learned how to set up the Wacom tablet, how to create my own brush, how to use the pressure feature and a basic knowledge in how to colour with a brush tool. This was a successful experiment and am happy with how it turned out.

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