1. Gabz Grzegorz ( )

The thing that caught my attention about Grzegorz work was his double exposure illustrations, they are really well done and interesting to look at. Although the movie posters and really original they are execution really well and the composition is done well. You can also see how much time and planning these pieces. I think his best work is the “The Terminator” poster with them flames coming in front and behind the main image. Although they are just a solid red colour it gives the illustration life and movement to it.

Interview with Gabz Grezegorz – ( ) –  This interview with Grezegorz was very informative because it showed me his design process and how he comes up with ideas. It was also good to see where he gets inspiration from and what sites he uses for it. This interview also showed closes ups of his work and this helped me with understanding how he creates shadows and highlights. This technique is something that I could bring into my own work.

Gabz Grzegorz

2. John Vogl ( )

This style of illustration really interested me because it looks like a wood cut. I find it fascinating to look at because you have all these unique marks creating shadows and highlights.John Vogl

3. Ian Jepson ( )

This style of work catches my attention more than Grzegorz’s work yet there is less colours and less detail. There is just something more organic and handmade about the marks, they make the piece more interesting to look at. I like how he does use that many colours either and he will go in with the black to add these details. Looking at his work I think there are some good elements that I would like to carry out into my find work.

Interview with Ian Jepson – ( ) – I found this interview with Jepson interesting because you see his creative process. You see how Jepson starts off with a very simple thumbnail to then create a final piece. Once again the video of him working is really interesting because I get to see how he creates these marks that make his drawing so much more interesting and visually pleasing to look at.

Ian Jepson

4. Rafa Alvarez ( )

There is something about Alvarez’s work that interest me. It could be the horror feeling his work brings. In Alvarez’s work his colour palette is something new and different, with the brighter red used to outline the seats where artist would normally use black is striking. I like the marks he makes there interesting to look at. In the first picture to depict smoke he just use these simple blue lines with no fill colour and it works. I think his style of work would be interesting to incorporate with my own style and see what that would bring out.Rafa Alvarez

5. Smithe ( )

The thing that drew me to this work is how complicated and intriguing the drawing is. I like the composition from the detailed illustration to the plain background it makes the illustration stand out even more. I like the mark making smith does to create shadows and highlights its like how they print money. Like most the other artist he doesn’t use that many colours, which is a good thing because it would just complicated it more and it would be a headache to look at. The thing he and most other artist do is use black to create shadows and marks.


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