Hidden Worlds Final

This is the final motion graphic piece for the “Hidden Worlds Festival”. I’m pleased with how my motion graphic piece turned out. I think that audio I picked went really well with my video clips because the clips are bright and peaceful and the audio has this ambient, chill feel to it. The music having beats in it aloud the video to clips to transition nicely into the next clip and creates the feel of the video and audio working together. I am happy with how the mirror effect looks and how you get these interesting abstract shapes out of ordinary buildings creating these secret hidden worlds. I think I made a good safe decision with the text. I didn’t want the text to be confusing as the clips are so abstract. To combat this I made the text just a simple, modern, bold text that stood out from the clips. All together I think my motion graphics piece was thought out and I took my idea and created what I envisioned.

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