Frame Rate

Frame Rate

“In motion pictures, television, and in computer video displays, the frame rate is the number of frames or images that are projected or displayed per second.”   ( ).

To put it simply frame rate is measured by how many frames per second there is. When working it is very important to know your frame rate as it can ruin a video, this is shown in the image below. As you can see when filming the car at 30fps the car was moving to fast for the camera to video it smoothly. At 60fps the camera is able to capture the car clearly as the more frames there is the more pictures it taking per second creating a smooth good quality video.

frame rate.png






image from:

  • PAL = UK – 25fps
  • NTSC = USA – 30 fps (29.97)
  • Film everywhere – 24 fps / 48fps
  • Animation – 24fps

The drawback of using more frames per second is that there will be more images resulting in a bigger file size. This is okay with small videos but when filming movies this becomes a real problem because it takes a significantly longer amount of time to transfer the file and store it, and when playing the video the computer can’t keep up with all the information so the video would stutter.


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