TV Titles Sequences

Blue Bloods

This is the opening to the tv show Blue Bloods. Motion graphics have been used here to introduce the characters and the actors who play them and to show clips from the show to show what genre and what type of tv show it is. In this they have lowered the opacity on the people to show the city behind them. I think this could of been done better and more artistic with better shots of the city and a better transition from the face to the background. I thing they have done really well is at the end when some of the building turn around and spell out “Blue Bloods” this is a really smooth transition and looks really good combined with it being upside down. Altogether the motion graphics and the sound make a really good title sequence that gives the information needed and a good feel of what the show is.


This is a title sequence for the tv show “Preacher”.  The purpose of a title sequence is to show characters and the actors who play them and to show bit of what the show is about. Many effects have been used in this title sequences such as masks. These are where the scene changes to words with the picture or video inside the letters. This is a good effect and is used well here. Also at the end its like paper is burning then you there is another scene this is a good transition and is made better with the words being on fire as well. The way this title sequence is done theres no smooth transitions its like you blink then the words are there, which sometimes doesn’t look that good and makes it look like it was made quickly. Altogether though it is a good title sequences and does it job well,  and is combined well with the graphics and video.

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