TV Idents

Spike :

This is a TV ident for the channel Spike. Spikes audience is mostly male, and play they play a mix of different TV shows and movies throughout the day targeted mostly to males but also have female viewers. Through the ident they are showing what type of genre they are and are branding themselves as a channel. The motion graphics is really smooth and when the man and women jump it blends nicely into this bird flying, this is done through a mask and different layers. A really good pice of motion graphics is at the end when the word “spike” comes up and its cut in half, this is really interesting and is really modern and smooth. The colours in this are actually quiet boring and there is a lot of empty space but this just draws the attention to the word “spike” at the end. All together I think its a bad ident i don’t really no what type of audience they are targeting towards or what shows they play, but at the same time its really interesting and well done.


This is a ident for the channel Citv. This is a children’s channel and there audience is both male and female. The use of animation and graphics in this is really good and really well done. Although its a 2D animation it has life and depth as characters go behind and in front of the letters. This ident shows me what type of channel it is and who there target audience is, which is what the channel ident should do. The graphics and animation keep this childish look all the way through which is really nice and on brand. It is very clean and the graphics move together nicely and interact well. As a whole i think this is a really well done ident that does all the thing a ident should do unlike “spike”.

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