Music Videos

安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

The purpose of a music video is to illustrate the audio and give a visual element to go with the song, it also has to entertain the person watching it. The motion graphics have been used so the fewer has a interactive experience with the music video. They have done this by giving you instructions and putting there motion graphics and animation around it. The graphic style is very modern and colourful, its also a fun video and is bright and uses pastel colours throughout. The animations are very smooth and quick and have nice transitions between them and they have also incorporated some of the lyrics into the music video putting it in the right places as t not overwhelm us with text. The song and the video go well together and its a very interesting concept of having the music video interacted with the audience.

The Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul

This is the musk video for the song “Plundered My Soul” by The Rolling Stones. The point of a music video is to add a visual element to go with the song. They are also created of the viewers entertainment and to add to the brand the artist has. The motion graphics have been used here to grab the viewers attention and to illustrate the audio. The style they have used is vintage as they have all these old clips on what look like polaroid pictures. this combined with the red writing on top gives it and the song give off a old roc and roll feel to it. The videos are disjointed and move a lot but the way they have animated it so it looks like your are moving round is very smooth and slows down at the end instead of just coming to a stop, which gives it a humanistic feel. The video and graphics have been combined well and work as whole. The animated text goes across the video nicely and moves a bit to give it life like the video behind it.

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