Film VFX

Scott Pilgram vs The World

This is the trailer for the film “Scott Pilgram vs The World”. The purpose of this trailer is to attract audience members to want to watch the film. A trailer also shows what genre the film is and show a summary of what happens in the film. The motion graphics have been used here to show what type of film this is. The motion graphics in this create onomatopoeias. The graphic style is like a comic book and graphic novel, this is shown by when theres a knock on the door and the words “knock” appear or in the fight scenes when the words pop up. These motion graphics with the scenes they picked out show the film is going to be aimed at teens and its going to be a funny, unrealistic  film.


This is a trailer for the film Oblivion. There is a lot of special and digital effects, this is because it is set in a futuristic society where they drive these flying vehicles that have all these digital imposed graphics on them. This film is mostly made up of green screens and adding stuff into the film once scenes are finished being filmed.  These things make the impossible possible and are able to make things we see in are head come alive. Some things are hard to film like phone screens and TV screens so these are edited in afterwards as well. Without these being digital imposed in afterwards there would be no way to make physical things that worked and could be filmed correctly. In all these are noticeable as it makes up the entire movie but as they are so well done and clean and move smoothly they add this whole new world to the film. All of these including sound track made a really good futuristic film.

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