Film Title Sequences

Iron man 

This is a title sequence for the film Iron Man. The purpose of a title sequence is to show the actors and directors and other people who helped make the movie. In this title sequence we get a 3d plan of what the iron man suit looks and works like, inside and out. It like they have just animated the design plan for the suit and put text around it. The style is like retro modern like the film “Tron” and is really affected it clearly shows the names while not making it boring but interesting and interacted almost. There is also the element of old video games text when it shows us the names like the theme of “Tron”. The transitions and animated parts are really smooth and quick and slow down when the camera is done tanning giving it a this human, real life effect. The graphics and video are blended together nicely and looks like it should be apart of it. I think this achieved exactly  what it wanted to and done it really well and high quality.


This one took a different approach to its title sequence as its a completely different film to Iron man, with this they used video and put motion graphics over the top of it. I find the title sequence really interning and think it fits the film perfectly. The style is quiet messy and gothic almost with the writing being messy and getting distorted and disjointed, which gives simple names a life to them. This video jumps about and keeps having an effect which turns the video red which makes it have this horror feel to it so the way they included this with the text is really interning and good to look at. They both belong together and work well individually as well. These factors together make a really interning title sequence and is really successful.

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