Festival Titles

Semi-Permanent 2013 – By Danny Yount 

The purpose of this moving image sequences is to get people interested in this festival and make them want to attend it. The motion graphics have been used to make a visual statement that is interesting and intriguing to the viewer. The graphics in this are very artist, edgy and cool looking to highlight what the festival is about and what audience it wants to reach. The animation style of this is very quick and moves on to the next thing fast. The use of symmetry is visually interesting and works well with what type of festival it is.  As a festival title it works very well, this is because it shows information without showing to much at one time and making you skim past it. The video also goes well on its own and with the text. It is also very interesting and grabs your attention which is what a festival title should do.

A Design Film Festival – Sebastian Lange

The purpose of this video is to get people to go to this festival. In this video Text is really important as videos and pictures are shown inside the text. In this video the design has made the text look 3d by pushing some text to the back and some forward and move it so it looks like your going behind and passing some. The video is very well made and has smooth transitions between each scene. The animation is quite quick and moves along to the next bit quickly. The relationship between the video and text is very good and clean the videos and images stay inside the text at all time. All these things together make a good festival title and is very interning but i feel there was to much going on and it isn’t as well executed as the Semi-Permanent festival title.

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