Bet 365

The point of a advert is to deliver a product to the public in less than a minute. This way they have to put loads of information in a short amount of time which is sometimes to much and you end up not listening at all. This advert is for Bet365 which is a online gambling company. The graphics used in this is they have to words and number floating in the air and spin round fast, sometimes the words come up like someone is typing them as well. They have filmed this on a green screen for the background and then they can easily put numbers floating round him in a software.The animation style of the graphics is fast and smooth and does never stutter or stop. In my opinion they have done a good job of balancing all the information and selling themselves and creating a good balance so you’re not overwhelmed with information and graphics.


This is a advert for the MG3 car. There is a lot of motion graphics and animation in this advert that all blends together nicely. They have used a lot of colour in there animations to go with the colours of the car which draws your attention because its so bright. The graphics and animations move quick and smooth. They have layers the graphics and animation so each scene is like a moving collage. The advert itself is good but because it moves so fast you can’t really take everything in and look at all the bits going on. They do keep the car in the middle though which keeps your attention on it throughout. There is a nice balance between the graphics and video and they interacted well together. As a whole this is a good advert and the quietest bit is at the end where its just the price and car on screen which is a good marking and graphic decision.

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